Game server info by c0ax

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# Game Server Info Script by c0ax
#Greetz baltazar, b0ne, crax0, MikiSoft, Melvin, Toro etc.
#Important: here "sok.connect((ip, 27089))".
# Change '27089' with port of your server.
#And in ip type ip of yourserver.
#Visit and
import socket

def ispis(isp):
    isp = isp.replace('777', '')
    if isp.find('m= 0:
        nejmsrv = isp.split('') [1]
        mapa = isp.split('') [2]
        igra = isp.split('') [4]
   print 'nGame:', igra
    print 'nServer name:', nejmsrv
    print 'nMap:', mapa

ip = '' #Change this IP with IP of your server.
sok = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
sok.connect((ip, 27089))
sok.send('377377377377TSourceine Query')

while 1:
    konekt = sok.recv(1024)
    konekt = ispis(konekt)
    if not konekt:
    print '[GET]', konekt

#EOF. Good Luck
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